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Taos, NM 2014
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    OFFICE of the MAYOR

    WHEREAS; The State’s aviation industry contributes a significant amount of economic benefit to the state; and

    WHEREAS; There are 61 public-use airports in the state, serving 6,738 pilots and 4,075 general aviation aircraft; and

    WHEREAS; The aviation industry employs over 7,700 New Mexican’s directly and indirectly generating $1.3 billion in payroll; and

    WHEREAS; The aviation industry plays a vital role in the lives of our citizens’ as well as in the operation of our business and agriculture; and

    WHEREAS; Business aviation is a critical tool for companies in New Mexico to improve efficiency save money and open opportunities for rural areas not served by commercial aviation thereby bringing new business investment and jobs to all areas of the state; and

    WHEREAS; General aviation plays a vital role in the state’s response to emergencies and natural disasters; and

    WHEREAS; The continued vitality of aviation, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions and aviation organizations is important to the daily functioning of our society; and

    WHEREAS; The industry will continue to play a vital role in the economic and social wellbeing of the State of New Mexico

    NOW, THEREFORE, I Daniel R. Barrone, Mayor of the Town of Taos,
    Do hereby proclaim the month of September 2014 as:


    Witness my hand this 23 day of September, 2014 at Taos, New Mexico

    Daniel R. Barrone

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