Proclamations & Resolutions
Orangeburg, SC 2016
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    WHEREAS, the Palmetto State is home to six (6) commercial service airports, sixty-one (61) general aviation airports and four(4) busy military airfields that provide essential support to South Carolina’s diversified business base, increasing population and growing tourism industry; and
    WHEREAS, airports support and assist South Carolina in many ways, including recreational flying providing a gateway to communities and tourist attractions, accommodating agricultural spraying, supporting air cargo and air fright shipments, helping law enforcement, supporting the military and its operations, providing access in times of emergency and supporting medical needs and the medical profession; and
    WHEREAS, many businesses in our state rely on aviation, both commercial service and general aviation airports, for the efficient transportation of people and goods; and
    WHEREAS, with over one-hundred (100) aerospace-related companies in the Palmetto State, aviation is a multi-billion dollar industry and, along with commercial service airports, general aviation airports and military airfields, supports more than 70, 000 jobs and contributes millions each year in tax benefits to state and local governments.
    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael C. Butler, Mayor of the City of Orangeburg, South Carolina, do hereby proclaim August 23-29, 2016 as:
    throughout the state and encourage all South Carolinians to recognize general aviation for its significant contributions to our quality of life and economic growth and stability.

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