Proclamations & Resolutions
Marana, AZ 2014
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    WHEREAS the state of Arizona recognizes general aviation and community airports to be an essential force that provides revenue, jobs and opportunity to the state’s economy; and

    WHEREAS general aviation in Arizona supports 6,890 jobs and is responsible for an annual economic impact of $609 million; and

    WHEREAS given the geography of Arizona, farms, businesses and communities across the state rely daily on general aviation and community airports to ensure the continued flow of commerce, tourists and visitors to the state; and

    WHEREAS Arizona’s 29 public-use general aviation airports are an essential part of airports serving 30,246 pilots and 10,042 active general aviation aircraft and provide services to the state such as medical transport, disaster relief, firefighting and law enforcement; and

    WHEREAS the state of Arizona has a significant interest in preserving and expanding the general aviation, aerospace and aircraft manufacturing industries.

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor and Council of the Town of Marana, do hereby proclaim February 2014 “General Aviation Appreciation Month” and call this observance to the attention of citizens of Marana.

    Dated this 18th day of February, 2014

    Ed Honea


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