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Laredo, TX 2014
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    WHEREAS: General Aviation and Community Airports play a critical role in the lives of our citizens, as well as in the operations of our businesses and farms.

    WHEREAS: The state of Texas has a significant interest in the continued vitality of General Aviation, Aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions and aviation organizations and community airports and airport operators.

    WHERAS: There are 392 public use airports in Texas, serving 50932 pilots and 17,595 general aviation aircraft (this includes over 1,000 crop dusters and close to 1,100 helicopters). According to the Texas Department of Transportation study, over 6.1 million general aviation operations occur annually at Texas airports.

    WHEREAS: According to the Texas Department of Transportation, general aviation in Texas supports ore than 56,600 jobs

    WHEREAS: General Aviation plays a vital role in the State’s response to emergencies and natural disasters.

    WHEREAS: The nation’s aviation infrastructure represents and important, public benefit, and direct, Congressional oversight is necessary to ensure stable funding of this system.

    WHEREAS: According to the Texas Department of Transportation, general aviation supports $14.6 billion in economic activity annually.

    WHEREAS: Texas is home to 122 charger flight companies, 423 repair stations, and 49 flight schools operating 350 aircraft. In addition, there are 296 fixed-based operators in the state.

    WHEREAS: Many communities in Texas depend heavily on General Aviation and Community Airports for the continued flow of commerce, tourists and visitors to our State.

    THEREFORE, I, Raul g. Salinas, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor of the City of Laredo, County of Webb, State of Texas, do hereby proclaim the month of November as:


    Raul G. Salinas


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