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Langdon, ND 2014
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  • North Dakota General Aviation Proclamation

    WHEREAS, aviation plays an increasing role as an economic catalyst in North Dakota, contributing $1.6 billion annually to the state’s economy, and

    WHEREAS: The state of North Dakota has a significant interest in the continued vitality of General Aviation, Aerospace, Aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions and aviation organizations and community airports and airport operators.

    WHEREAS: North Dakota has 89 public-use airports, 2,998 pilots and 1,336 general aviation aircraft.

    WHEREAS, North Dakota’s aviation industry is an important component of the state’s economic development efforts, creating opportunities for communities, businesses and citizens; and

    WHEREAS, beyond the movement of goods and services, the state’s aviation industry supports thousands of jobs and contributes more than a billion dollars in annual economic activity; and

    WHEREAS, many North Dakota businesses use aviation as a tool for conducting daily operations, including the transportation of personnel and freight, air emergency service, aerial crop spaying, wildlife control and law enforcement observation; and

    WHEREAS, airlines operating from North Dakota flew 1.6 million passengers on 64 daily flights in 2010; and

    WHEREAS, aviation impacts many sectors of our economy and state; last year, air travel tourism contributed $500 million to the state’s economy, aerial applicators sprayed more than four million acres of crops, two million packages were delivered as a result of air delivery service and 500 air emergency ambulances flights were deployed.

    WHEREAS, The 147 agricultural operations employ 283 airplanes and spray 3.3 million acres of land. These organizations support economic activity totaling $82.5 million and tourism contributes $13.08 million to the state’s economy. According to the North Dakota Aeronautics Commission, in 2008 there were 242 agriculture-sprayer aircraft registered in North Dakota which serve approximately 5.0 million acres.

    NOW, THEREFORE, as Mayor of the City of Langdon, I do hereby proclaim March, 2014, GENERAL AVIATION Month in the City of Langdon, North Dakota.

    Charles Downs
    City of Langdon

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