Proclamations & Resolutions
Juneau, AK 2016
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  • The Office of the Mayor

    City & Borough of Juneau, Alaska


    General Aviation Appreciation Month

    WHEREAS, General Aviation and Community Airports play a critical role in the lives of our citizens, as well as in the operation of our businesses and farms; and

    WHEREAS, the City and Borough of Juneau has a significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions, aviation organizations, community airports and airport operators; and

    WHEREAS, demand for air transportation and services in Juneau in 2014 created: 1,082 jobs, with over 50 businesses located at the airport, $63 million in labor income, and $174 million in income and spending (These totals include direct, indirect, and induced jobs [average annual], income, capital, and operations and maintenance spending.); and

    WHEREAS, Juneau residents, businesses and neighboring Southeast Alaskans depend on the Juneau International Airport to transport people, freight, and mail to and from the region; and

    WHEREAS, General Aviation plays a vital role in the City and Borough’s response to emergencies and natural disasters; and

    WHEREAS, many communities in Alaska depend heavily on General Aviation and Community Airports for the continued flow of commerce, tourists and visitors to our communities;

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kendell D. Koelsch, Mayor of the City and Borough of Juneau, Alaska, on behalf of the City and Borough Assembly, do hereby proclaim September 2016

    “General Aviation Appreciation Month”

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereto set my hand and caused the seal of the City and Borough of Juneau to be affixed this 16th day of September, 2016.

    Kendell D. Koelsch, Mayor

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