Proclamations & Resolutions
Wyoming, June 2016
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    WHEREAS, general aviation and community play an important role in emergency responses; and

    WHEREAS, general aviation and community airports are important to Wyoming’s businesses – supporting commerce, attracting visitors and contributing more than $73 million annually to the state’s economy, directly and indirectly; and

    WHEREAS, Wyoming has 32 public-use airports, 1,874 pilots, 1,010 general aviation aircraft, 8 repair stations, 2 flight schools, 34 fixed-base operators, 113 heliports and 410 general aviation employees; and

    WHEREAS, the continued vitality of general aviation in Wyoming is important to Wyoming and the people who live here.

    NOW THEREFORE, I, MATTHEW H. MEAD, Governor of the State of Wyoming do hereby proclaim June, 2016 as


    in Wyoming and encourage all citizens to join in observance.

    IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Executive Seal of the Governor of Wyoming to be affixed this 2 day of June, 2016.

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