Proclamations & Resolutions
Vermont, February 2010
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    WHEREAS, the State of Vermont has a vested and significant interest in the health and economic vitality of general aviation, commercial aviation, commercial transport, manufacturing, industry partners, vendors and contractors, educational institutions and aviation organizations; and

    WHEREAS, Vermont is an aviation and aerospace-friendly state that has a strong and supportive community that includes the Vermont Aerospace and Aviation Association (VAAA), which is led by VAAA and Aerospace State Association Chair, Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie and Honorary VAAA Chair, Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy; and

    WHEREAS, we recognize that Vermont aerospace and aviation continues to play an ever-expanding role in the Green Mountain State generates nearly $2 billion in economic activity; and

    WHEREAS, given our state’s geography, a great many businesses and communities depend upon general aviation aircraft and small aircraft of all types for mobility, access to medical treatment, economic opportunity, disaster relief and a wide range of critical resources. Business in the aviation and aerospace sectors are invaluable to the future growth of Vermont’s economy; and

    WHEREAS, the Goddrich Facility, one of Vermont’s largest aerospace employers, employs more than 700 highly skilled workers in Vergennes, GE Aviation in Rutland employs more than 1,00 Vermonters in the areas of engine manufacturing, engine overhaul, component repair, accessories, engine testing and wing support, General Dynamics plays a key role in the defense industry and employs 400 workers in Burlington, Veront Composites, Plasan Carbon Composites and Plasan North America make Bennington the Composite Valley of Vermont and together employ more than 700 workers, a host of small machine shops including Aviatron, Liquid Measurement Systems, Rapid Turn Around Time Precision Machining, Mansfield Heliflight, Stephens Precision, Lucas Industries, G&S Precision, Vermont Precision, and North Hartland Tool among others make precision machine parts and components for the aerospace and aviation sectors; and

    WHEREAS, the Vermont Nation Guard, located at the Burlington International Airport, one of Vermont’s 17 airports, has a long and proud traditions of service and has been selected as one of the 10 potential candidates to base the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, and

    WHERAS, it is appropriate to recognize the tradition of leadership and national acclaimed excellence embodied by the men and women of “The Green Mountain Boys,” the 158th Fighter Wing at the Vermonr Air National Guard, and the pilots, technicians, and all personnel.

    NO, THEREFORE, I, James H. Douglas, Governor, do hereby proclaim February, 2010 as


    in Vermont.

    Given under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of Vermont this 18th day of February, A.D. 2010.

    James H Douglas

    David M. Coriell
    Secretary of Civil and Military Aviation