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Ohio, July 2010
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    JULY 16, 2010

    General Aviation plays a critical role in the live of our citizens, as well as in the operation of our businesses and farms.

    The state of Ohio, the Birthplace of Aviation, has a significant interest in the continued vitality of General aviation, Aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions and aviation organizations and community airports and airport operators.

    In Ohio, general Aviation contributes over $3.5 billion to the state’s economy and 17,352 jobs to the state’s economy.

    Ohio has 172 general aviation airports, with 84 of 88 counties served by publically owned airports, Ohio is home to 17,250 pilots and 10,386 general aviation aircraft.

    Ohio is home to 60 charter flight companies, 131 aircraft repair stations, the two top fractional ownership companies, numerous Fortune 500 company flight departments, medical transport companies and small businesses which rely on an aircraft to compete efficiently.

    Ohio is home to a number of important aviation based education and career opportunities including: Ten universities have dedicated doctoral level programs in aerospace-related disciplines; five universities have four year aviation degree programs to include aviation engineering, aviation management, air traffic control, and flight training; and Ohio is home to three aircraft maintenance certification programs. Additionally, Ohio touts 13 flight schools operating 95 aircraft and providing 251 jobs and 124 Fixed-Based Operators.

    THEREFORE, I, TED STRICKLAND, Governor of the State of Ohio, do hereby recognize Aviation as a vital strategic resource to the State of Ohio and further recognize July 16, 2010 to be Aviation Industry Awareness Day.

    Ted Strickland

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