Proclamations & Resolutions
New Jersey, May 2016
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  • State of New Jersey

    Executive Department


    WHEREAS, general aviation includes all civilian flying except scheduled passenger airlines; and

    WHEREAS, New Jersey’s general aviation industry provides employment to approximately 18,000 New Jersey residents and serves more than 12,000 pilots; and

    WHEREAS, general aviation includes diverse aspects of New Jersey commerce, including aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions and community airports; and

    WHEREAS, organizations such as the New Jersey Aviation Association, the Mid-Atlantic Aviation Coalition, the Alliance for Aviation Across America and others recognize and promote the interests and importance of aviation in New Jersey and throughout the world; and

    WHEREAS, general aviation provides a substantial economic benefit to New Jersey from the operation of the public use airport system and from the tourism and commerce it supports; and

    WHEREAS, general aviation plays a vital role in the operation of businesses and farms as well as in the State’s response to emergencies and natural disasters;

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, CHRIS CHRISTIE, Governor of the State of New Jersey, do hereby proclaim:

    MAY 2016



    in New Jersey and urge its residents to recognize general aviation as an important resource in our state.

    GIVEN, under my hand and the Great Seal of the State of New Jersey, this first day of April in the year two thousand sixteen, the two hundred fortieth year of the Independence of the United States.

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