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Michigan, September 2015
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  • September 2015: Aviation Month

    WHEREAS, Michigan is home to 235 public use airports, 141 licensed aircraft dealers, 105 licensed flight schools, 5 aircraft manufacturers, 6,500 registered aircraft, and 13,000 licensed pilots; and,

    WHEREAS, aviation related activities contribute over $20 billion annually to Michigan’s economy and provide significant positive economic and quality of life impacts in Michigan communities throughout the state; and,

    WHEREAS, the Michigan Association of Airport Executives will focus their 63rd annual fall conference on September 14-18, celebrating Michigan’s rich aviation history and looking forward to a bright future enhanced by the benefit of aviation and aerospace technologies; and,

    WHEREAS, the Michigan Air Tour will take place September 17-20, taking the message of the importance of aviation to communities across Michigan and commemorating the first Michigan Air Tour, which took place in 1929; and,

    WHEREAS, the Air Transportation Expo will take place on September 25, at the Oakland County International Airport, showcasing the advantages and opportunities business aviation provides throughout Michigan; and, 

    WHEREAS, the Michigan Aeronautics Commission has provided leadership and sound counsel regarding the growth and advancement of aeronautical activity in the state of Michigan since 1929;

    NOW, THEREFORE, I, Rick Snyder, governor of Michigan, do hereby proclaim September, 2015 as Aviation Month in Michigan.


    View the proclamation here.