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Louisiana, December 2011
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  • United States of America

    State of Louisiana


    Bobby Jindal


    Whereas, the state of Louisiana has a significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions and aviation organizations and community airports and airport operators; and

    Whereas, Louisiana is home to 74 airports serving 9,562 pilots and 4,891 general aviation aircraft; and

    Whereas, general aviation in Louisiana contributes $2.05 billion, or $454 per capita, to the state’s economy. This ranks Louisiana as 25th nationwide – – but as a percentage of the state’s total GDP, Louisiana ranks 7th in the nation in terms of the importance of aviation to its economy; and

    Whereas, general aviation plays a vital role in the State’s response to emergencies and natural disasters; and

    Whereas, general aviation alone employs 7,985 Louisianans. Those employees earn over $240.5 million annually. Aerospace and aviation provide 11,000 jobs, resulting in $416 million in payroll; and

    Whereas, Louisiana is home to charter flight companies, repair stations, field based operators and flight schools; and

    Whereas, many communities in Louisiana depend on general aviation and community airports for the continued flow of commerce, tourists and visitors to our State.

    I, Bobby Jindal, Governor of the State of Louisiana, do hereby proclaim December 2011 as

    General Aviation Appreciation Month

    In the State of Louisiana


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