Proclamations & Resolutions
Georgia, October 2009
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    WHEREAS:    In our nation’s history, aviation has been a unique and transformative endeavor that has become a key component of the American experience, serving as a source of great pride and patriotism.  The United States leads the world in aviation, as 70 percent of all General Aviation worldwide is concentrated in America.  Georgia aviation and aircraft manufacturing has played an ever-expanding role in both the everyday lives of our citizens and the future of aviation around the globe; and

    WHEREAS:    The state of Georgia has a significant interest in the health of General Aviation, aircraft manufacturing, airline industries, educational institutions and aviation organizations such as the National Business Aviation Association, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and the Atlanta Aero Club.  Gulfstream Aircraft employs more than 6,000 highly skilled workers in Savannah and Brunswick.  Delta Air Lines is the world’s biggest airline and employees more than 60,000 from its Atlanta headquarters.  Cessna Aircraft Company builds aircraft at its Columbus facility.  Lockheed Martin Aircraft employs approximately 7,000 workers at their Marietta plant, and Robins Air Force Base is home to one of the three largest aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul centers in the world;

    WHEREAS:    Given our state’s geography, a great many businesses and communities depend upon General Aviation aircraft and small aircraft of all types for access to medical treatment, mobility, economic opportunity, disaster relief and a wide range of critical resources.  Business aviation is an invaluable tool for companies in Georgia to support their operations; and

    WHEREAS:    As an aviation-friendly state, Georgia has enacted numerous measures over the years to promote aerospace growth and efficiency.  Among these are the Regional Airport Enhancement Program, which will improve 27 airports in the state, as well as the AirGeorgia program, established to improve and develop airports across rural Georgia.  Also, the creation of the Georgia Aviation Authority will allow the state to modernize its fleet of aircraft, while ensuring greater coordination and mission efficiency; and

    WHEREAS:    Georgia takes pride in its role as a leader in the field of aviation, which is a vital engine of growth in the economic framework of our state and beyond.  Georgians are encouraged to utilize the many aviation resources in our state for business, travel or pleasure, as the health of our aviation industry helps to ensure our overall success; now

    THEREFORE:    I, SONNY PERDUE, Governor of the state of Georgia, do hereby proclaim October 2009 as AVIATION APPRECIATION MONTH in Georgia and encourage Georgians with an interest in learning to fly an aircraft to participate in corporate and personal aviation and enjoy the immense satisfaction one gains from achieving a pilot’s license.

    In witness thereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Seal of the Executive Department to be affixed this 7th day of October in the year of our Lord two thousand nine