Proclamations & Resolutions
California Senate, April 2014
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    By the Honorable Jean Fuller, 18th Senatorial District;

    Relative to

    California Aviation Awareness Day

    WHEREAS, Aviation is vital to the California economy, creating jobs and providing critical services to individuals, families, churches, hospitals, college, and large and small businesses, and in today’s global marketplace, a local airport is a valuable resource; and

    WHEREAS, In addition to the general economic benefits they offer California’s communities, airports provide convenient and efficient access to remote portions of the State, essential health care services, emergency medical transport, emergency response, and overnight mail delivery; and

    WHEREAS, With a total economic impact of $154.7 billion on the State of California, aviation provides 1.1 million jobs for the State’s 246 public-use airports, 216 of which are general aviation while 30 are commercial service airpots; and

    WHEREAS, California’s 30,008 FAA-registered aircraft represent 10 percent of the national total, and each year, 4 million tons of air cargo and 179 million passengers pass through the State’s general and commercial service airports; and

    WHEREAS, On April 23, 2014, the second annual California Aviation Awareness Day Will be held at the State Capitol in Sacramento to inform legislators, staff, and the public about the importance of aviation to the welfare of the California economy and to raise the level of awareness of the benefits of aviation to all Californians; now, therefore, be it

    RESOLVED BY SENATOR JEAN FULLER, That she hereby recognizes April 23, 2014, as California Aviation Awareness Day, and Takes this opportunity to acknowledge the significant role California’s airports have played in providing important health care, emergency, and delivery services and creating employment opportunities and economic benefits for the people of the Golden State.

    Member Resolution No. 391

    Dated this 23rd day of April, 2014

    Honorable Jean Fuller

    18th Senatorial District

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