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Governor Ricketts Declares May ‘General Aviation Appreciation Month’
May 28, 2019
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  • Today, national general aviation organizations applauded Governor Pete Ricketts for declaring May “General Aviation Appreciation Month.” In Nebraska, general aviation contributes over $1.2 billion to the state’s total economic output.

    “We applaud Governor Ricketts for recognizing the importance of general aviation and local airports, which support communities of all sizes across Nebraska and the country,” said Selena Shilad, executive director of the Alliance for Aviation Across America. “There are 80 public-use airports throughout Nebraska; these airports support businesses, medical services, law enforcement, and a variety of other industries.”

    “General aviation is an important lifeline to communities throughout the state of Nebraska,” said Mark Baker, president and CEO of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. “During times of natural disasters, like the terrible flooding that happened recently, general aviation can play an important role in transporting people and supplies. We appreciate the Governor’s proclamation, which helps to highlight general aviation and the value it brings to Nebraska.”

    Ed Bolen, President and CEO of the National Business Aviation Association said, “General aviation, including business aviation, serves as a strategic asset that helps businesses meet their needs. In a state as large as Nebraska, where it can take most of the day to drive from city to city, there is a real value in being able to travel directly to plants and far-off locations in a short timeframe. We thank Governor Ricketts for issuing this proclamation and for acknowledging the benefits of general aviation, including business aviation.”

    “Local airports are economic drivers for communities across the state and country,” stated Gary Dempsey, president of the National Air Transportation Association. “General aviation aircraft and airports support well-paying jobs, facilitate businesses in carrying out their day-to-day operations, and drive local economic activity. NATA and its member companies thank Governor Ricketts for issuing this proclamation and for recognizing the value of general aviation.”

    “General aviation aircraft, including helicopters, are an important tool that support people across the state of Nebraska,” said Matt Zuccaro, president and CEO of the Helicopter Association International. “In the event of an accident or disaster, when time is of the essence, a medical evacuation helicopter can be the difference between life and death. We thank the Governor for issuing this proclamation and for acknowledging the value of general aviation.”

    Jack Pelton, CEO of the Experimental Aircraft Association said, “It is crucially important that we support and recognize the value of general aviation so that we encourage enthusiasm in flying, raise awareness about the importance of this segment of aviation, and help grow our next generation of pilots. We thank the Governor for issuing this proclamation and recognizing the value of general aviation.”

    “Local and community airports are a vital part of our nation’s infrastructure,” said Shelly Simi, president and CEO of National Association of State Aviation Officials. “Local airports serve as a hub for response and recovery efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters, support agriculture and local industries, and facilitate many other critical services for local communities. We thank Governor Ricketts and Ann Richart, Director of the Division of Aeronautics at the Nebraska Department of Transportation, for issuing this proclamation.”

    According to the proclamation:

    “General aviation is vital to many businesses in Nebraska that use general aviation aircraft and local airports to increase productivity, reach far-off markets and to move personnel, equipment, and products.”

    To view the proclamation click, here.

    Formed in 2007, the Alliance for Aviation Across America is a non-profit, non-partisan coalition of over 6,300 individuals representing businesses, agricultural groups, FBO’s, small airports, elected officials, charitable organizations, and leading business and aviation groups that support the interests of the general aviation community across various public policy issues.