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Alliance for Aviation Across America Responds to jetblue's "Welcome BigWigs" Ad Campaign
July 27, 2009
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    JetBlue can’t serve business leaders and rural America when it doesn’t operate in most of America

    WASHINGTON – The Alliance for Aviation Across America today launched a print ad in response to JetBlue’s most recent ad gimmick that ridicules the nation’s business executives who use business aviation and attempts to argue that traveling on JetBlue is a better option to general aviation. However, the Alliance ad highlights JetBlue’s glaring omission: that JetBlue only serves 44 big city airports around the country mostly on the East and West coasts, and general aviation, by contrast, serves 5,000 communities around the country. A link to the ad is included below.

    “JetBlue does not seem to realize that small and medium sized businesses that rely on general aviation every day are the backbone of America’s economy,” said Selena Shilad, spokesperson for the Alliance. “Until JetBlue decides to send its flights to places like Hot Springs, Arkansas and Gallup, New Mexico, general aviation will remain the lifeline to those communities and countless others all across America.”

    In addition to serving as a vital mode of transportation for small and medium sized businesses, general aviation provides over 1.2 million jobs in a wide range of industries, contributes $600 billion to the US economy annually, and serves as a lifeline for rural communities in times of medical crisis and natural disasters.