Alliance for Aviation Across America and NATA Applaud Two NM Airports
May 12, 2021
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  • Washington, DC (KKOB) –The Alliance for Aviation Across America and National Air Transportation Association (NATA) today applauded the efforts of local leaders to recognize the value of two New Mexico airports, the Moriarty Municipal Airport in Moriarty, and the Four Corners Regional Airport in Farmington.

    Specifically, last week, the National Air Transportation Association (NATA) and local airport and community leaders held events to highlight the importance of each airport. The Moriarty Municipal Airport has an economic impact of more than $12 million, and supports 159 jobs. The Four Corners Regional Airport has an economic impact of more than $27 million, and supports 165 jobs. Across New Mexico, general aviation airports support more than $2.3 billion in on-airport output, more than 18,000 jobs, and over $723 million in payroll. Nationwide, general aviation supports a total economic impact of more than $246.8 billion annually and more than 1.1 million jobs.

    Ryan Waguespack, Senior Vice President of NATA said, “We thank the Moriarty Municipal Airport and the Four Corners Regional Airport for working with us to highlight their value within the local communities. The Moriarty Municipal Airport is the third-busiest in the state, in terms of aircraft operations, which brings business and economic opportunities to Moriarty. The Four Corners Regional Airport in Farmington has supported volunteer Angel Flight West flights carrying patients to Phoenix for necessary medical treatment, as well as other critical services and many local businesses.”

    Alliance for Aviation Across America Executive Director Selena Shilad said the following, “General aviation and local airports like Moriarty Municipal Airport and Four Corners Regional Airport are vital to supporting jobs, economic activity, critical services, and now, the distribution of vaccines, PPE, and other essential services. As we emerge from this pandemic, our network of local airports will play a vital role in supporting our nation’s economic recovery. It’s encouraging to see business and civic leaders working to raise awareness about this vital asset.”

    Community airports in New Mexico and Arizona have played a vital role in COVID-19 relief efforts. In just a six week period early in the pandemic, volunteer pilots delivered more than 45 tons of personal protection equipment and other critical supplies in 100 flight to 11 healthcare facilities and eight tribal community service units across the Navajo, Hopi, Zuni, White Mountain Apache and San Juan Paiute reservations. The supplies included 8,300 gowns,154,000 gloves, and 8,500 N95 masks for the hospitals and 493 gallons of water, 88,000 masks, and 749 gallons of hand sanitizer.