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Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport sees boost in business
May 6, 2021
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  • WILLIAMSTOWN — Business is returning to the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport as numbers are starting to surpass the pre-pandemic enplanements and fuel sales.

    During Tuesday’s Wood County Regional Airport Authority meeting, airport manager Glen Kelly reported 480 outbound enplanements and 501 inbound, an increase of 445 from April 2020.

    Those numbers had increased by 136 from 2019.

    “All the trends are looking very positive (Contour Airlines is) starting to see us turning the corner here,” Kelly said.

    Fuel sales are the highest since 2014 with an increase of over 11,000 gallons from 2020.

    “This is the highest monthly sales for fuel since 2014, we’re turning a corner and finally starting to see some good fuel sales,” Kelly said.

    The LED lighting project is underway, but during the work, a high-pressure gas line was found on the property which wasn’t on the master plans or drawings. Kelly said the gas line is on the old taxiways from the 1940s.

    “It’s about 5 feet. I don’t think it’s a major concern. That’s been the biggest surprise yet. It hasn’t stopped the project however we’ve had to re-work the project to make sure we’re staying away from it,” Kelly said.