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Growth Continues for Augusta Regional Airport as More Flights Added
January 28, 2020
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  • AUGUSTA (WRDW/WAGT) — We all know that the Masters is a busy time of year here in Augusta, but it is also a busy time at the airport. With the growth over the past year they are adding more flights to keep up with the busy week.

    “Today we did announce our year end numbers for 2019, and we’re happy to say that we have grown again,” Lauren Smith said.

    In fact, 2019 broke records at Augusta Regional, an additional 60,000 passengers passed through the terminal. And with that growth comes the opportunity to talk with airlines about adding more flights.

    “The increase year over year really helps that conversation because they can see the community growth and how much the community supports our airport,” Smith said.

    This year the list of flights during masters week will be expanding…For the first time Augusta Regional will offer a direct flight to Boston. And like previous years they’re bringing back flights to New York, Chicago, Miami, as well as Philadelphia.

    Smith says they are trying to continue to grow the airport with additional flights. Outside of Masters week there are plans to add more flight as well.

    “DC was our top market so we recently announced that direct service in January, Jan. 3, actually, and Dallas we recently announced that service as well and that market is doing so well that they’re gonna add an additional flight for us starting March 6,” Smith said.

    With growth expected to continue the airport hopes to expand their year round flights to cities like New York, Chicago, and Central Florida. The additional flights during masters week will run from April 4 to April 13.