Nearly 500 new aviation jobs coming to Kinston’s Global TransPark
December 19, 2019
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  • KINSTON, NC (WITN) – An exciting announcement for Lenoir County is also good business growth for North Carolina. “This company that’s going in recycles airplanes and airplane parts,” said Governor Roy Cooper.

    Aircraft Solutions USA will be expanding its business with Global TransPark in Kinston and will create 475 new jobs.

    “This company will have suppliers and will help boost our economy significantly, says Governor Cooper.”

    Governor Cooper said the average wage is expected to be $47,000 a year, which is $10,000 above the county average.

    “The challenge is going to be making sure we can provide for this company the kind of skilled, trained workforce that they need,” Cooper says.

    Kinston Mayor Don Hardy says this is an exciting time for city and region.

    “We have the opportunity to grow jobs, to afford people the opportunity to come to live, stay, eat, and have a great job and decent salary,” said Hardy.

    The project is expected to increase living standards in the region, which Hardy said is a major plus for Kinston.

    Governor Cooper also said the Global TranksPark has made significant progress and this expansion shows for it. Adding, “We knew when we set up the Global TransPark several decades ago that this was going to be a regional effort.”

    Mayor Hardy says this is just the beginning for Kinston as the city continues to progress.

    “This is just the start of it. I look forward to seeing many more jobs to come,” said the mayor.

    Hardy says there is no exact timeline for when the jobs will be filled, but for Kinston’s sake, he hopes it’s soon.


    Hundreds of new jobs are coming to Eastern Carolina and Governor Roy Cooper is there to make it official.

    The governor says Aircraft Solutions, USA will locate its latest expansion at the Global TransPark outside of Kinston.

    Cooper says the aviation company will bring 475 new jobs with average wages of over $47,000 a year.

    The company says it is investigating $99 million at the GTP facility.

    CEO Daniel Koechler says his company will recycle airplanes, reusing some 96% of the aircraft. He says they will build a hangar at the TransPark, one of the largest hangar systems in the world.

    “With our environmentally friendly and sustainable processes, we offer a real alternative to conventional boneyards and are proud to be able to build an architectural highlight in North Carolina with one of the largest hangars in the world,” said Koechler.

    That new hangar will be nearly 1,000 feet long, 400 feet wide, and 131 feet high. That’s more than three football fields in length.

    Koechler says they plan to re-use the recycled material locally and create even more production jobs.

    The state is giving Aircraft Solutions, USA a $4.7 million Job Investment Grant, spread over the next 12 years.

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