Deandria Turner WCBI
Houston Fall Fly-In
November 2, 2019
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  • HOUSTON Mississippi (WCBI)- Flying through blue skies, the Houston Fall Fly-In was Saturday, and Houston community members gathered to watch planes soar in the air and learn a little bit about aviation.

    “Kind of like a car show, but it’s airplanes,” said William Gibson.

    A variety of aircraft flew into the Mississippi Municipal Airport for the fly-in to show off their wings.

    “Have a big time for everybody and the public,” said Gibson.

    Gibson says planes, like home-built experimental’s and all other kinds of planes, are what brings the community into these fly-ins.

    “We do flying; you can look at any all types of Aircraft from the 1940s up to current experimental home builts or certified aircraft,” said Gibson.

    Gibson said it’s also a learning opportunity.

    “Get everybody together and give them a little bit of knowledge about aviation and get the community involved in a little bit of aviation activities,” said Gibson.

    For Noah Arvin, coming to learn more about aviation was a bonding experience with his dad.

    “My dad and I love planes. I’m here to have a good time with my dad, so that’s why I’m out here,” said Arvin.

    The event was free to the public.