Area Aviation Company Aims to Help Hurricane Victims in Bahamas
September 12, 2019
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  • While Florida may have escaped the wrath of Hurricane Dorian, the Bahamas was hit with a devastating blow from the Category 5 storm, particularly the areas of Abaco Islands and Marsh Harbour.

    After seeing the devastation of the popular Caribbean island, Elliot Mintzer, president of MySky Aviation, felt compelled to help, and knew that many area residents would want to give back to a place that gave them so much enjoyment.

    “Many residents in Ponte Vedra vacation and spend time in the Abacos,” Mintzer said. “For all those times they’ve gone and made those memories, it’s now a time for us to pull together as a community and really help the people who have allowed the residents of Ponte Vedra to have that experience.”

    MySky took its first load of donations over on Friday, Sept. 6, and plans to keep the efforts going as long as needed.

    “There’s no set number of runs, but we’re going to keep going as long as we have items to take there,” Mintzer said.

    Several local businesses have donated their aircraft to help, and those wanting to donate supplies can bring whatever they think can be used by those on the island, Mintzer said.

    “They can bring whatever they feel works best for them,” he said. “Any help helps.”

    So far, the death toll in the Bahamas was at least 50, and hundreds of people are displaced because of the storm. Mintzer believes this is the time for area residents who have enjoyed time in the Bahamas to show their appreciation for those affected.

    “We’ve been organizing flights to the Bahamas for years,” he said. “These are wonderful places to make memories with your family, and these people have been devastated. They basically had their lives ripped from them, and it’s our chance to give back. It’s a way to show we care for them and their family.”

    To donate, drop off supplies at Atlantic Aviation at the Northeast Florida Regional Airport in St. Augustine. To help fund the efforts, MySky also has a GoFundMe page for MySky Aviation Dorian Relief Supply Flights.,9689