Multi-Billion Dollar Aviation Industry Being Recognized Statewide This Week
August 21, 2019
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  • COLUMBIA, S.C. (WACH) — The multi-billion-dollar industry revolving around flight is in the spotlight this week, after Governor Henry McMaster declared it South Carolina Aviation Week in a proclamation.

    McMaster has set aside Aug. 18-24 to recognize that aviation airports bring in more than $1 billion to the state economy every year, according to Alliance.

    More than 2.6 million people fly in to South Carolina annually, and there are 122,000 jobs in the field statewide, bringing in more than $16 billion to the state every year, the proclamation says.

    The governor listed a number of reasons the industry is important, citing recreation, travel, tourism, business, agriculture, law enforcement and military efforts and more in that document.

    This week, the governor is asking residents to “recognize general aviation for its significant contributions to quality of life and economic growth and stability,” according to the proclamation.

    To read the entire document, check out the following link, CLICK HERE.