Kailey McCarthy WFXL
Airport Improvements Coming to Southwest Georgia Regional Airport
August 13, 2019
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  • The Southwest Georgia Regional Airport will soon have new upgrades.

    On Tuesday morning, Albany City Commissioners approved grants from both the FAA and GDOT for airport improvements.

    The FAA grant totals out to over $2.5 million dollars, and the GDOT grant totals out to a little over $143,000. 

    The funding will go towards what’s known as the “South Apron Project” at the airport.

    Over 975,000 feet of taxiway and 30,000 square yards of pavement will be rehabilitated.

    Operations Superintendent Hunter Hines says the work shouldn’t affect people traveling at all.

    “It really won’t affect the public much. It will inconvenience some of the tenants for a little while but it’ll be a good improvement for them once the project is finished,” said Hines.

    Hines says the project should improve pavement so air crafts can avoid damage upon arrival or departure.

    The next step is for airport staff to get with a contractor and put together a timeline.

    Hines says construction should begin in the next couple of months.