Private Jet Fighters on Display at EAA Airventure
July 23, 2019
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  • OSHKOSH, Wis. (WBAY) – All eyes are on the sky in Oshkosh as EAA AirVenture continues.

    Gov. Tony Evers declared July 22 to July 28 Aviation Week across the state. In nearby Appleton, Mayor Tim Hanna designated July as General Aviation Appreciation Month.

    In addition to celebrating the 50 years of AirVenture, it’s also the Year of the Fighter. Action 2 News photojournalist Steve Hopper took to the sky with a classic jet team. After safety checks and a quick briefing, he was going to show us what being a fighter pilot is like.

    More than two dozen privately owned fighter jets are on display in Oshkosh this week.

    Zach McNeill with the Classic Jet Aircraft Association said, “We have training, we have advisers, we’ve got instructors, we got examiners. We basically have a whole team to support someone if they want to get into his type of endeavor. It’s a big endeavor, and you’ve got to take it seriously when you do it.”

    The Classic Jet Aircraft Association, made up of mostly civilian pilots and jet owners from across the country, is proudly showing off its lineup.

    Seven of the jets, including one with our Steve Hopper aboard, flew to Madison Tuesday for a little breakfast run, flying in formation and even performing a few maneuvers along the way.

    The pilots with this group are always excited to show off their planes and their skills.

    “It’s a lot of fun. It’s great to be here. This is just an unbelievable event. I could never explain it to people who’ve never been here and haven’t experienced it firsthand, but it’s always a thrill for us to participate and do whatever we can to make Oshkosh as special as it always is,” Tom “Mongo” Proctor with the Classic Jet Aircraft Association said.

    The Classic Jet Aircraft Association will be out here on display all week. They hope to take to the skies in the Thursday and Friday air shows.