Curt Epstein AIN ONLINE
FDoT: GA Airports Generated $18.5 Billion in 2017
June 24, 2019
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  • According to a recent economic impact study by the Florida Department of Transportation, the state’s 129 public airports accounted for nearly $175 billion in economic activity in 2017.

    Of that amount, $91 billion was generated through commercial and general-aviation visitor spending, with more than half of the 110 million out-of-state visitors arriving in Florida by air. General-aviation passengers accounted for 5 percent of the passenger spending. Overall on-airport activity, including FBOs and other airport tenants and businesses totaling nearly 400,000 employees, accounted for $72 billion in economic output, with a payroll of $22 billion.

    The study showed that the state’s general aviation airports alone were estimated to generate a total economic impact of nearly $18.5 billion. Among the highest were Page Field in Fort Myers, Lakeland Linder International, Naples Municipal, Cecil Airport in Jacksonville, Lake City Gateway, Bob Sykes Airport in Crestview, Boca Raton Airport, Fort Lauderdale Executive, Treasure Coast International in Fort Pierce, Witham Field in Stuart, Vero Beach Regional Airport, Deland Municipal-Sidney H. Taylor Field, Orlando Executive, Miami Opa-Locka Executive, and Pilot Country Airport in Brooksville.