Local Airport Looks to Expand
November 27, 2018
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  • Martinsburg, Blair County, Pa. – The Blair County Airport could be getting additional Tee hangars in the near future with the added support of the Blair County Commissioners.

    County Commissioners are considering an ordinance that would guarantee a loan to build 12 additional hangars for small planes, and two corporate hangars. Currently, all hangars are filled and others need repairs.

    Blair County Airport General Manager, Tracy Plessinger, believes the new hangars are needed to better serve the community and generate more cash flow for the airport, pointing out the airport is a valuable asset to the local economy.

    “It’s an important part of the community,” Plessinger stated, and added, “It’s an important economic driver of the community and doing projects like this that generate cash flow for the airport actually helps us remain viable, and helps us remain that economic driver to the community.”

    The airport houses 45 planes and several corporations, along with offering daily flights to Pittsburgh.

    The project will be funded by state grants and low interest loans from the federal government.