Letters to the Editor: Tax Breaks & Corporate Jets
October 4, 2018
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    Dear Editor,

    Your recent article on tax breaks for corporate jets (9/13) unfortunately missed some key points regarding business aircraft depreciation provisions.

    First, while it may make for a good soundbite to paint this tax-reform with a negative brush, the fact is, this policy – supported by economists and non-partisan groups alike – applies to all manner of business assets, including heavy machinery, trucks and other vehicles, farm equipment, and other business tools.

    It is important to understand that, like other equipment, a business airplane is a key tool for efficiency and productivity. Business aircraft are like offices in the sky, where employees can work while minimizing travel down-time, make multiple stops in a single day, and reach far-flung company facilities, often in rural areas where other forms of transportation might be limited. (In fact, most business aviation flights are into airports with infrequent or no scheduled airline service, and the majority of companies that rely on the airplanes are small to mid-sized businesses).

    Equally important: independent studies have concluded that S&P 500 companies utilizing business aviation routinely outperform, across a number of measures, comparable companies not using business aviation. Furthermore, use of these aircraft benefits not just the companies relying on them, but the broader economy as well: business aircraft manufacture and use generates $219 billion annually in economic activity, and supports over 1 million American jobs.

    It’s regrettable your article provided readers any of this important information.

    Ed Bolen

    President and CEO

    National Business Aviation Association