Kelsie Cairns WMDT
‘General Aviation Month’ Spotlights Importance of Local Airports
September 24, 2018
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  • EASTON, Md – It’s Maryland’s general aviation month, and local airports are doing their part to educate the community about the economic and educational impact.

    Officials at Easton Airport say “the sky is the limit” in terms of opportunity within the exciting field of aviation.

    47 ABC is told that local airports not only fuel local economy, but provide jobs from technical areas to air traffic areas, or even skilled labor positions.

    Micah Risher the airport’s manager said, “Easton creates 483 direct jobs and we generate more than $40 million annually in business revenue that feeds into the local community here.”

    Speaking of those direct jobs, some of them involve jobs within air traffic control.

    The Easton Airport officials say there are two air traffic control towers on the eastern shore, one in Easton as well as one in Salisbury. The two towers contribute to the 500 in the country.