Privatized Foreign Systems Continue to Fall Further Behind the U.S.
September 13, 2018
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  • With the busy summer travel period quickly transitioning towards the peak Fall/holiday rush, proponents of privatizing our nation’s air traffic control continue to promote the myth that privatized foreign systems work well.  They don’t.  See below for the real facts on foreign privatized systems, which have been plagued with delays, technological glitches and have not kept pace with modernization:

    European Air Traffic Control Providers are Plagued by Massive Delays and Cancellations


    Canada’s Privatized Air Traffic Control System Has Been Plagued with Delays, Staffing Shortages and is Still Investing in Radar Technology

    UK NATS, the UK’s Privatized Air Traffic Control Provider, Has Been Plagued by Flight Delays and Outdated Technology


    The Source of U.S. Airline Delays and Travel Woes Have Nothing to Do with Air Traffic Control


    The Examples Go On and On…


    As has been demonstrated over and over, privatization of air traffic control would not do anything to lessen delays and travel woes for passengers, as the causes of these delays have nothing to do with ATC. The simple truth is that bad policy proposals are nothing more than beating a dead horse and will never get better with age. ATC privatization has been repeatedly debated, discredited and defeated by bipartisan majorities for years. This terrible scheme needs to be abandoned once and for all to make way for genuine air travel reforms that will provide positive benefits for the traveling public and all communities across the country.