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Manchester Among Mayors in Opposition to Privatizing Air Traffic Control
March 10, 2017
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  • On Monday, the Alliance for Aviation Across America released a letter to Congress from over 115 mayors in all 50 states expressing concern about the impact of air traffic control privatization on communities across the country, especially those in rural regions of the country. Lewisburg John Manchester signed off on the letter. 

    For these communities, local airports and general aviation represent a vital connection for small businesses, farms, emergency responders and other critical services. This proposal to privatize the air traffic control system, which is being pushed by the big, commercial airlines, would put this system under the purview of a private board of mostly commercial interests which would direct everything from taxes and fees, to airport investments and access.

    This group of over a hundred mayors is only the latest in a growing number of voices raising concerns about the proposal to privatize the air traffic control system. Consumer advocates, free market groups, major committees in Congress, chambers of commerce, and businesses have all voiced concerns about this proposal. In addition, the American people disapprove of this idea by an overwhelming 62 percent.