Ohio Governor Declares December GA Appreciation Month
December 13, 2016
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  • Ohio Governor John Kasich has declared December 2016 “General Aviation Appreciation Month.” In Ohio, general aviation airports contribute more than $1.8 billion to the state’s economy.

    “General aviation connects Ohio communities with critical services like emergency and medical care, firefighting, and law enforcement, and supports economic activity for businesses and communities of all sizes,” said Selena Shilad, executive director of the Alliance for Aviation Across America. “We thank Governor Kasich for issuing the proclamation and raising awareness about the impact of general aviation’s impact in Ohio.”

    According to the proclamation:

    “According to the 2014 Ohio Airports Economic Impact Study, general aviation airports in Ohio support 17,497 jobs, $688 million in annual payroll and contribute more than $1.8 billion to the state’s economy.”