Pitt-Greenville Airport Open for General Aviation after Flooding
October 19, 2016
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  • Pitt-Greenville Airport is finally open again after major flooding had most of it under water. Right now, the airport is still not open for commercial flights but it is open for general aviation. 

    Crews were out working to get the secondary runway ready for it to be open by 8 Wednesday morning. Once the water receded, the challenge became cleaning up the debris left behind from the flood. The water also got inside the hangers outside. In some places, the water got up to 19 inches high. Tenants are also now working to clean those out.

    “There is always the chance that sort of thing can happen but we were hoping for the best. Luckily enough we didn’t get any inside the terminal, it’s kind of bad but it could have been a whole lot worst,” operations manager Gordon Rowell said.

    Rowell says they are expecting for commercial flights to start using the secondary runaway by Friday morning.