Puppies Fly from Beatrice to Connecticut
September 27, 2016
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  • At just nine weeks old, two puppies from the Beatrice Humane Society have found new homes in Connecticut as a result of the organization’s promotions on its Facebook page for adoptions, both in and out of state.

    The two boxer and Saint Bernard mixed breeds, J.D and Jameson, were picked up at the Beatrice Municipal Airport on Tuesday afternoon. That boarding was the first of many for the puppies as they began a long day of traveling.

    “Somebody wanted them, so we made it happen,” said John Rypman, Chairman of the Beatrice Humane Society Board.

    Beatrice Humane Society Manager Bryce Caulk said its social media page is very helpful to the center in finding homes for animals.

    “I posted a picture of Jameson on Facebook and through connections I’ve made in Rescue he was adopted to a family in Connecticut,” Caulk said. “We get 16,000 shares on Facebook for daily posts and it has been a huge tool to help with adoptions.”

    J.D. and Jameson flew to Chicago via the small plane that took off from the Beatrice airport. From Chicago, the dogs were to be picked up and driven to New York before eventually arriving in their new homes in Connecticut. Though they will live in separate houses, the two owners are friends and both puppies will be trained as therapy dogs.

    “It’s always exciting when the animals get a home, but in this case I know the owners so I know that they will have really good homes and the fact that they are getting flown out is really exciting,” Caulk added.

    The two puppies have been in the shelter since September 9. Under Nebraska law, the dogs could not fly until they were eight weeks old.

    “The new owners work with bully breeds so the cross was exactly what they were looking for,” Caulk said. “They are very smart, highly attentive and easy to train.”

    To become therapy dogs, each will need approximately eight to 12 weeks of training. While puppies have been adopted from the Beatrice Humane Society to families from Texas, Colorado and all over the Midwest, this was the first time Caulk had seen dogs flown out to the east coast.

    “We are excited to have opportunities like this through Facebook and we hope to keep the adoptions going,” Caulk said.

    John and Brian Pounds with the Pilots N Paws pet rescue services came in from Crystal Lake in Chicago to pick them up.