Need for Aviation Mechanics on the Rise
September 5, 2016
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  • he need for aviation mechanics has grown over time, and we’re reaching a point where jobs are becoming readily available in the field.

    This is due to current mechanics retiring and airplanes becoming more common. Northern Michigan University’s Aviation Maintenance and Technology program offers high school graduates a chance to earn the certificate in two years. A limit of 24 students per year are accepted to the program. Fifteen students are currently enrolled for this year’s program.

    The Federal Aviation Administration helped put together Northern’s program.

    “To be an aircraft mechanic in the United States you have to meet FAA requirements,” said Mark Matteson, assistant professor. “This school, the School of Aviation Maintenance and Technology here at Northern, teaches everything that you need to know. It runs from basic aircraft science all the way to the over haul and operation of turbine engines.”

    An aviation mechanic can have starting salaries over $50,000 per year.