LU’s ‘Women Can Fly’ Event Aimed to Empower Women Pilots
July 16, 2016
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  • The hot weather didn’t stop a group of Liberty University pilots Saturday from empowering young women one flight at a time.

    LU held it’s 4th annual “Women Can Fly” event at the Lynchburg Regional Airport.

    Only 6 percent of all pilots are female, and LU’s School of Aueronautics is trying to change that through this event.

    It gives women and girls the chance to witness female pilots and students in action. Some of the activities included a flight simulator, a free flight through downtown Lynchburg and tours of several aircrafts. Local pilots volunteered their time and aircraft to offer complimentary flights.

    We talked to a local woman who says the event changed her outlook on what women are capable of. “I was scared of heights, but now I really can think I can do it, I really think if I want to be a pilot I can actually take up the course it was not bad at all it was really good,” said Katreena Ruth who was in attendance at the event.

    All the women who attended received certificates once they landed, including our very own Courtney Wheaton, and intern Anna: