Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport Receives Perfect Score in FAA Inspection
July 15, 2016
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  • The Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport Joint Powers Board is pleased to report that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recently completed its annual certification and safety inspection for the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport and RKS achieved a perfect score.

    There were no discrepancies reported by the FAA, an unusual occurrence.

    In order to host airline operations, the FAA issues Airport Operating Certificates which require airports to maintain specific safety standards. To ensure that these standards are met satisfactorily, the FAA conducts annual compliance inspections at all certificated airports.

    The inspection includes a detailed physical inspection of the airfield facilities including pavement, lighting, turf management, obstructions, fencing, and safety areas. Additionally, the inspection included a comprehensive inspection of the airport’s aircraft rescue firefighting equipment and procedures, fueling facilities and procedures, and a detailed review of records, documentation, and procedures.

    Some of the specific areas of the inspection include airport emergency response capability, airfield inspection and maintenance programs, wildlife management practices, snow/ice control procedures, aircraft refueling procedures, and personnel training programs.

    This year RKS’s inspection was conducted in June, shortly after a long winter and wet month of May, which makes the flawless report even more extraordinary. “This is a great testament to the dedication and professionalism of our staff members and underscores the Airport Board’s commitment to safety. These inspections are very detailed, and a finding of no discrepancies is rare. It takes a lot of hard work and diligence by all of our employees to have this highly successful outcome.” said Devon Brubaker, Airport Manager.

    “The safe operation of our facility is paramount and crucial to every aspect of the airport’s activities.” – Devon Brubaker

    The airport staff responsible ensuring the compliance that led to this perfect score are Travis Archibald, Dan Beltran, Dan Bryant, Michael Graham, Ed Jidas, Bryce Taylor, Brace Robinson, and Shannon Lucero.