NextGEN Arrives at General Aviation Airports
March 24, 2016
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  • New technology that will bring greater efficiency to flying will be available to general aviators in the region soon.

    NextGEN technology coming soon to an airport near you.

    PSRC has been working with the region’s general aviation community and the Federal Aviation Administration to prepare for the arrival of NextGEN air traffic control — a switch from radar to a satellite based system with significant safety and operational benefits.

    NextGEN can revolutionize how airplanes fly and how airspace is managed. The technology allows aircraft to safely fly closer together on more direct and precise routes. Benefits include reduced delays, increased capacity, fuel savings, lower emissions, and reduced noise.

    PSRC’s NextGEN optimization study identified constraints on general aviation access to the airports in the region and concepts for improving air traffic control, reduction of noise and emissions and improved safety with the implementation of the strategies.

    Next steps will involve the region’s aircraft owners, pilots, airports and state and federal agencies. Read more about the work, here.