Varisa Lall Dass WTVA
Tupelo Gets Airline
March 21, 2016
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  • Some say you can’t learn to fly unless you learn to fall.

    This is a challenge the Tupelo Airport Authority knows well as they’ve searched for the right airline provider.

    “Well in the past we’ve had airlines that have recently come out of bankruptcy and weren’t really prepared to serve the city. Then we had an airline that flew a single engine airplane that had problems with on time performance and people lost confidence in it,” said Vice President Jim Newman of the Tupelo Airport Authority.

    But hopefully confidence will be renewed as the Tupelo Airport Authority signed a contract with CFM to permit Contour Airlines to service the area.

    The contract hammered out details about the $2500 a month rent and the square footage to be used.

    The resolution will bring much appreciated revenue to the Airport Authority.

    “We haven’t had an airline, so we’ve had no rent coming in. And now we’re going to have an airline so we’re going to have some rent coming in. It’ll help us budgetwise,” says Newman.

    The budget is also helped by new avenues for income generated from the airline, like passenger facility charges.

    Another favorable result of the contract is the airport will make money off of jet fuel sales.

    The airport will have five flights a day. The Airport Authority is confident in the new airline.

    “You’re going to be very happy. We’ve got a good airline,” says Newman.

    A reception for Contour Airlines is set for 5:30 p.m. at the Tupelo Regional Airport where more information will be revealed. The public is invited.