Davidson County Airport Asking State for Grant to Repace Runway
February 23, 2016
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  • Once a day, crews at Davidson County Airport check the runway, looking for anything that could get in the way of a smooth landing.

    Along with checking for small objects, the condition of the runway is also checked for asphalt sinking in and large widening cracks.

    It’s been about 17 years since the runway has been repaved and after years of wear and tear, airport officials say it’s time for a new, stronger surface which can handle heavier planes.

    “We have the demand,” said LG Cashion, chairman of Davidson County Airport Authority. “We just need the pavement sufficient to carry the weight.”

    Cashion is hoping the airport will get a $3.5 to $4 million grant from the state department of aviation to repave the runway and double the strength of its asphalt.

    Right now, the runway can’t handle planes more than 60,000 pounds.

    Last year, the airport had between 12,000-14,000 take-offs and landings.

    Officials say they could get even more traffic and profit if the runway could handle larger planes.

    “We are losing possibilities here,” said airport manager Karel Van Der Linden. “We are losing sales.”

    Since 2010, the number of take-offs and landings at the airport has nearly tripled.

    More traffic means more money from hangar fees and from fuel sales.

    “The goal here of the airport is to grow,” Van Der Linden said.