Asheville Regional Airport Celebrates Record Year
February 23, 2016
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  • New data from the Asheville Regional Airport marks 2015 as a record year in terms of the number of travelers served.

    Airport representatives say there were more than 30,000 additional travelers compared to the previous year.

    As far as the reason behind the growth, some airlines continue to expand with additional non-stop destinations.

    Asheville Regional is an airport commonly used for connector flights, and airport officials say the growth is an indicator that more people are choosing Asheville.

    “You can go anywhere in the world from Asheville Regional Airport,” airport spokesperson Tina Kinsey said. “We enjoy some of the best connectivity for an airport our size, in the entire country. So we see that that trend will continue. The growth is a reflection of our vibrant region. We certainly anticipate the growth to continue.”

    As far as the busiest time for travel, Kinsey says summer into fall is when they see some of the biggest numbers, but a steady travel population was seen in the winter months of 2015.

    They say in the past several years, few regional airports have seen positive growth, so it is nothing but good news for our area.