Private Jet Company Expands with Help from City of Janesville
December 2, 2015
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  • Soaring to new heights, a local private jet company is expanding its business with help from the city of Janesville.

    SC Aviation plans to build a new 40,000-square-foot airplane hangar at the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport to double its business.

    “It’s a good market — Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago — there are a number of businesses that have a need for private jet services,” Dan Morrison, director of sales at SC Aviation, said.

    As a part of its expansion, the company will build the hangar and hire more than 30 new employees.

    “This is a great opportunity for not only SC Aviation but for the city of Janesville as well. It’s going to mean additional jobs, people moving into the area, helping the local economy, so it’s a win for everybody,” Morrison said.

    “Large investment, 31 new jobs to the community over the next three years, that’s a great plug for the community and that’s going to tie in to the other things we have going on here,” City of Janesville Economic Development Director Gale Price said.

    The company plans to invest $37 million in the project, including the building and equipment. At least half of the new employees will make $31 an hour with the company. The city of Janesville approved a $100,000 tax incremental agreement to help the business expand and keep its operations in the city.

    “When you bring people to the community, then they are going to have to have a place to live, they may buy homes, they are going to spend that money someplace at grocery and restaurants and other things like that, so it has an effect across the entirety of the community,” Price said.

    The expansion will allow also SC Aviation to expand its fleet of 12 aircraft to around 20.