Monroe Regional Airport Gets New ARFF Station
December 2, 2015
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  • The Monroe Regional Airport has a new fire fighting rescue station and it’s now closer to the airport terminal; allowing quicker response times.

    The 2.3 million dollar project will function like an actual fire station.
    It includes a radio room, training room, and more room to house a brand new rescue vehicle.

    The Stryker Rescue vehicle allows fire fighters to fight the flames from inside the truck.

    The new ARFF station was completely funded by the Department of Transportation Aviation Division.

    Airport Rescue Fire Fighting station coordinator Antonio Smith says, “They are able to extend and penetrate a fuselage if there is a fire inside of the cabin. They have a bumper turret . They also have nozzles that are under neath the truck to extinguish any type of ground fire. If they fuel that is rolling and it moving on to them.”

    The fire crew will also now have a better view of the airfield.
    Airport Director Ron Phillips says there are 10 new projects in the works at the airport.