Sky is the Limit for Moore County Airport
November 23, 2015
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  • Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and just at the right time for the Moore County Airport, which is moving fast to bring in new services to the area.

    “We always thought about three things that would help run an airport, that’s low fuel prices, a restaurant, and good service,” said Moore County Airport Manager Brandon Cox.

    The Moore County Airport is on the verge of having all those things. Right now, Dumas has one of the cheapest jet fuel prices in the Panhandle. Construction began on a new $2 million hanger project that will become the airport’s mechanic shop. Now a plan is in the works to add a restaurant.

    “We are getting bid specs for the building now,” said Cox. “We’ll award the bid and then put out proposals to the public. Whoever gives us the best deal will get the building.”

    Half of the money to pay for the restaurant will come from a TxDOT grant, and the other half comes from the county budget.

    Cox says the airport stays busy all year long and adding the restaurant would make it a stop for not only travelers, but for pilots and locals too.

    “The more people we can get out here and see what goes on, the more people will have a better opinion about the airport and actually see what goes on out here,” said Cox. “We’ll have more community support to grow the airport in the future.”

    Cox predicts the restaurant and the new mechanic shop will be up and running at the airport by summer.