City of Ozark Breaks Ground on New Airport Terminal
November 17, 2015
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  • A new terminal is coming to the Blackwell Municipal Airport in Ozark.

    On Tuesday, community members joined local and state dignitaries for a ground-breaking ceremony at the airport to celebrate what’s to come and the progress over the years.

    The addition to the airport has been 15 years in the making.

    “It feels great to be here in my position, to carry out what so many people had as their dream 15 years ago. I’m just lucky enough to be the one here at the end,” said Stephanie Blankenship, the Director of Aviation Services.

    The General Aviation Airport terminal will be state of the art with the latest technology. The cost is over $700,000 for the building itself, but the total project is more than $30 million.

    Ozark Mayor Billy Blackwell expects it to be a great help to the economy. The terminal is expected to bring more high paying jobs to Ozark.

    “What this is designed for is the corporate aviation traffic, and that is the companies that have their own airplanes and they’re touring the United States looking for places to locate their companies,” said Blackwell.

    “We’re seeing that demand grow and what we’re trying to do is help those airports position themselves to take advantage of those opportunities,” said ALDOT Aeronautics Bureau Chief John Eagerton.

    Construction on the new building is expected to begin any day now and be completed by Fall of 2016.