Sheriff’s Aviation and West Valley Search and Rescue Teams safely rescue two hikers from San Antonio Falls
November 9, 2015
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  • On Nov. 8-9, Juan Cardoza, 32, of Los Angeles and two other hikers became lost hiking in the Mt Baldy area. The hikers made it to the area of San Antonio Falls, where Cardoza slipped and fell, sustaining non-life threatening injuries. One of the hikers called 911 on his cell phone and the Fontana Station dispatched personnel for a search and rescue.

    Sheriff’s Aviation 40King1 responded and located the hikers near the falls and determined West Valley Search and Rescue teams would need to hike in to the victims. While S&R ground teams were hiking in, one of the victims self rescued. After hiking for approximately two hours, S&R ground teams reached Cardoza and the other victim and determined Cardoza would need to be hoist rescued at first light. The S&R ground team was able to conduct a rope rescue of the other victim.

     Air Rescue 306, with a crew of Pilot Corporal Mike Gilley, Crew Chief Sergeant Daniel Futscher, and Air Medic Allen Francis responded to the scene and arrived at approximately 6:12 a.m. on November 9th. As the pilot hovered the aircraft over the scene, Sgt Futscher hoisted Air medic Allen Francis approximately 120 feet down to Mr. Cardoza and the S&R personnel. Francis placed Cardoza in a Bauman “Screamer Suit” for extraction. Sgt Futscher then raised Francis back into the aircraft and hoisted Cardoza up approximately 130′.

     The crew then transported. Cardoza to Cow Canyon Saddle, where they transferred him to a waiting ambulance for transport to a local area hospital.