Expansion Plans Set for Shelby County Airport
October 18, 2015
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  • Growth at Shelby County’s airport seems to be taking off.

    As more and more planes land and park at the airport, there’s a need for more storage space for the aircraft.

    “We have a waiting list actually for planes wanting to be housed at the airport and so as long as we got a need, we intend on trying to me meet that need,” Supervisor Terry Franklin said.

    Meanwhile, nearly 60 planes land or depart daily from the airfield. Part of that number comes from the flight school. And over the years, the airport has made a name for itself and increased air traffic.

    “We get traffic from all over. We get a lot of the concerts that come to Oak Mountain. Those planes will come in. It’s just easier to get to Oak Mountain. Easier access for them to bring their buses in etc,” Franklin said.

    The airport sees coaches from everywhere coming here to recruit top notch sports players.