St. Clair Elementary Students Dive Into Aviation At Mankato Regional Airport
October 14, 2015
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  • Around 120 St. Clair Elementary students spent the morning learning all about aviation at the Mankato Regional Airport with the help of local college students.

    Over 20 students from the MSU Aviation Department helped elementary students dive into science, technology, engineering and math through hands–on activities. Students got to create flying objects, learn about the physical features of a plane and ask questions to a Delta Airlines co–pilot.

    Keynote speaker Cheri Rohlfing, First Officer at Delta Airlines said, “This is something they’re never going to forget. They’re going to remember the day they came out to the airport and they got to build parachutes or do Bernoulli’s Principle with balloons and check out different parts of an airplane and things like that. That’s something that I think will spark an interest.”

    The two hour field trip took place inside the Mankato Regional Airport hangar and along the runway.