Evansville Regional Airport Adding Jet Bridge to Ease Passenger Demand
October 14, 2015
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  • The Evansville Regional Airport will add another jet bridge to keep up with passenger demand.

    The airport has four jet bridges right now.

    Design plans are being prepared for a fifth jet bridge, which will accommodate more passengers.

    A jet bridge is an enclosed, movable connector which extends from the airport terminal to the plane.  Passengers are able to board without going outside.

    Airport officials tell us they’ve seen a 25 percent increase in travelers.

    The airport added flights to Chicago and Charlotte in the last year.

    Regular fliers tell us the airport is getting busier.

    Officials hope to have the newest jet bridge installed by next summer.

    “We are adding another jet bridge due to our increased number of customers and flights,” said Leslie Fella.  “And that is mainly due to the community support for all of our flights, which include our new United flights to Chicago as well as our new Charlotte flights that we added in October.”

    Airport officials were asked if the additional jet bridge would bring more flights to EVV.