Pound Pups Take Flight From Augusta In Search Of New Homes
October 13, 2015
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  • A plane at the Augusta Regional Airport became an airborne animal shelter Tuesday morning.

    Dozens of pups from Augusta Animal Services were loaded onto the puddle jumper, bound for shelters in New York, Wisconsin, and Toronto.

    The recent canine distemper outbreak left the shelter with too many animals.

    “Rather than having to process all of those to make them available for adoption, we did some outreach to find some outreach to find some shelters that had room and space.” said Priscilla Crisler, with Augusta Animal Services

    The dogs are being moved by the non-profit charity called Wings of Rescue. Originally, 60 dogs were supposed to board the plane, but there was only room for about half on Tuesday’s flight. Tee rest were moved back to the shelter and will be flying out Wednesday morning from Augusta Regional Airport.

    “We’ll see if we can rearrange some things and get these dogs somewhere,” Crisler added.

    For the pups on board, it’s a hopeful flight to freedom.

    The shelters receiving the animals are providing the funding for the operation. Augusta Animal Services says the shelter is currently at capacity, and they encourage anyone looking to help to consider adopting an animal.